Movelite Awnings

These are the best selling motorhome awnings for sure. The movelite is very cheap and strong, and offers the best value for money of any other awning currently on the market. There are 3 sizes which are the standard movelite, the movelite XL and the movelite Family. All of them are good motorhome awnings for whatever use you put them to. Many motorhome owners are looking at them these days.

The movelite is priced at around £200 which is remarkable value for money when you compare it to similar awnings. Yet there is quality here as well, and they are easy to set up and take down. This is esential and good to have. The XL is bigger still at around 3 metres by 3 metres and still only costs about £200. 3 metres squared is a big space to have, and you can accommodate a few people in there if you have to. They fold up very well, and are lightweight, so it is easy to store when on your travels. There is an optional attachment kit that will convert to a free standing design, so with this you can have the best of both worlds. The fitting kit is a patented design, and is a novel way of doing it.

Whichever model you choose, the movelite is made to be easy to set up, so you can ue them for longer breaks, but also on weekenders as well. The family version is bigger still, and it has a 4 sleeper annex tent, and all for about £250. It has been made for larger families to be comfortably housed, and this is the most popular in the range. You can get the Family XL which is the biggest of all, and is all you will ever need in an awning for the money you will pay. Many are even cheaper on the used market, but be sure to give them a good going over before you buy. Have a go at setting them up at home to get used to them before you set off and you should have no trouble using them.

Movelite are good awnings to have, very strong and robust, and at the right price. Thousands have been sold to date, and that will keep on growing no doubt.


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Fiamma Awnings

Fiamma are the makers of some very reliable and popular awnings. A strong brand name and reputation are what gives them an edge in the industry, and this all helps to keep the sales figures high year after year. The current line up has some solid awnings that make life that bit easier when you are on your travels. The fiamma F45i is the basic awning and is a retractable design that gives shade from the sun. The style is very good and goes well with most motorhomes, and the price is pretty cheap as well. Another bonus is the many brackets and attachments that can be used to fit various motorhomes. You can modify them a bit to get a better fit, but best leave this to the professionals if you can.

Next is the fiamma F45Ti L which is a bigger version and can fit larger motorhomes because of this. You will get more protection and shade with this one, but of course the price will be greater. For the price you get better quality support arms and rafters that will be more durable and don’t rust. There are winches as well to help you set it up if you need them. Extra panels can be added to create a room for living in, which is a handy extra to have if needed.

The special zip system is available for these fiamma awnings, and is exclusive to the fiamma range. They make it easier to add side panels and doors by just zipping the parts together. This gives good sealing and a proper fit, which is essential if you want a waterproof awning. Windows that can be opened are included, which is a good point on hot days. You need these features really as you don’t want the interior to get too hot and be uncomfortable to be in.

The Fiamma F65 is a even bigger awning, for bigger motorhomes. This creates a great sized living space for the money and is very popular indeed. The styling is tasteful and there are a few different colour schemes to choose from. Prices are pretty expensive but this is a big design that will sleep quite a few people in needed.

The fiamma privacy room is the additional awning that completes the line up. Probably the best seller because it is so versatile and flexible. It works with most of the fiamma range and gives you the option of an extra room to do your cooking, or for storage space. Fiamma say this is very stong and durable, so it can be used in bad weather, but not too bad!

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Porch Motorhome Awnings

Porch awnings are a nice little addition to the entrance of your motorhome. They are mainly used for giving a bit of protection and some storage space when you are coming and going. The porch acts just like the kind you get at home, and most are pretty easy to set up. In under 10 or so minutes you can have it in place. If you have been out walking around the countryside then your boots may be a bit muddy, and so you can take them off and leave them in them porch without bringing any dirt into your motorhome.

Adding a groundsheet will also add some comfort and keep everything dry. There are numerous side panels and doors to add, and a good example of this comes from Fiamma, who have the privacy room addition for their awnings. This can be used to create a bigger space, and also to enclose the awning for privacy, as the name suggests.

Seting up is not too difficult as the video shows. If you have one looking at these videos is a great way to learn how to set up, and takes the time away, which is always a good thing. The panels can be zipped together which makes it more secure, and makes sure the whole thing is waterproof and more protective. Taking windows out will allow for the air to get into the awning, and if you leave the door to your motorhome open, it will produce a cooling channel of fresh air on hot days.

The windows are mostly made of fine mesh, and this helps to keep the flying insects at bay, whilst allowing you to see what is going on. Lightweight materials are now used, and these are also fire proof to keep to the safety regulations. They are also very strong and durable, especially the Fiamma awnings, which have gained a solid reputation over many years. You can connect them to the motorhome with the correct attchments, but some can be stand alone units which helps with moving around. Bear in mind that when attached the awning uses the side of your vehicle for the support, so it may be stronger because of this. The flipside is that when the weather is bad it can pull on the motorhome structure and possibly cause some damge. This is a trade off, and it it down to you to choose the best option. If you live in the UK where the weather is very unpredictable it may be best to have a stand alone version.

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Free Standing Awnings

Free standing awnings are the most popular by a mile because they are designed to give you the best of both worlds. You get a great extra living or storage space, and you have the freedom to move from camp without having to take everything down again. They are more expensive than the retractable awnings, but you get so much more out of them that they are well worth the extra cost.

Fitting them is the only disadvantage because the bigger they get, the more help you will need to get them sorted out right. In windy conditions this can be a bad idea, and the wind will slow everything down quite a lot. However, if it is nice and sunny, then you will have less trouble. Fiamma and Khyam are popular brands, as well as the most popular of them all, the movelite, and the movelite XL. The XL stands for extra large and there is also the movelite family edition. The reason why they are so popular is because they not only offer superb quality, they are also very competitively priced. People are snapping them up for their trips this year in big numbers, and it’s not hard to see why.

Some driveaway awnings can accommodate 8 people at a time, sometimes even more if you add some extra inner tents and partitions. Side panels and windows and doors are all in there, and you can always move them around and make a larger sun shade if the mood takes you. If you combine the size of these awnings and the inside of your motorhome, then you will really have a home away from home, all year round. You can add mobile kitchens into them, beds, wash basins, you name it. This is ideal for unexpected friends and guests who may want to stay the night.

As with all things you need to look after them and they will look after you over the years. Mildew can build up over time if the awning is left wet after you store it away. Try to let it air dry when you return from your trip, so it will not happen. The most expensive designs are mildew proof, so this is not a problem. They cost more but last much longer and do not need the same level of maintanence, which can justify the price tag.

Some sites don’t really like these big creations, and will ask you the size of your motorhome and the awning. Make ure you check it is ok before you set off to avoid any problems. Buying second hand is an option, and there are some good deals to be had. Some people like to take two kinds of awning away with them, a small one and the larger one, just in case of emergencies. If you have the money then great, go for it. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, so find the right awning, make sure you can set it up properly and you should have a good trip.

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Retractable Motorhome Awnings

Retractable awnings are great for little breaks and short holidays because they are so simple to erect. Most of the time they don’t really need to erected as such, it is just a case of folding them out. If you have a really flashy motorhome then chances are it will already be fitted with an extendable awning. All you have to do is press the button and down it comes. It makes camping so easy and saves a lot of time for you.

If you don’t happen to have one of these then there are various other retractable models that will do a similar job and the good thing is that they are cheaper. The awning typically sits on the top of your vehicle, near the gutter rail, and has it’s own little storage box that it sits inside when you are on the road. When you reach camp you take it out of the box and release it downwards. The awning should come into place on the tracks and then you can secure it to your required height.

This is valuable because as the sun changes position during the day, you can adjust the awning to keep you in the shade. Or in bad weather you can use it keep yourself dry and out of the wind. These are the manual kinds, and you can ask your dealer for instructions how to do this, or go to a trade show where you can find out. There are a few little modifications out there as well, and you can get them automated by fitting a motor to the mechanism. This then works like the automatic awnings found on the expensive motorhomes, but will cost you a bit less. Fitting can be problematic if you don’t know the right way, so it is best left to a professional to do it for you.

The size of your motorhome will determine the awning size all the time. Take your measurements carefully and you should be fine. The most important bit is the height, you want to have the awning fitting into the gutter rail, so it must be accurate. You can mofify them if you are clued up on these sorts of things, but why make work for yourself if you don’t have to?

The popular manufacturers are Sunncamp, Omnistor and Khyam who sell all kinds of accessories as well. There are side panels, doors and windows you can add to the awning to make a more enclosed space, and give you some privacy if needed. Another useful bit is the side gutters, which are good in the rain. The major problem with most awnings is that they tend to allow rain water to build up on the roof. This creates a great big sagging roof that adds more stress to the support arms and can cause damage to a lot of things. The water then tends to fall over the side and create a waterfall. A gutter helps to channel the water in one direction, away from you, so there is less chance of getting a soaking.

Anti flapping is another good idea. The wind can play havoc with awnings, and have them blown all over the place. Deflappers control this and are a neat invention that doesn’t cost that much. Adding privacy rooms is yet another option, and most manufacturers will have these available for you. Retractable awnings are the easiest to set up and offer some decent sun shade, and many people use them.

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Choosing the Right Motorhome Awning

Enjoying the great outdoors is a passion for many people, and especially motorhome owners. Investing in your own little home away from home gives you so much freedom to do what you want to. Thousands of campers embark on different journeys every year, and in the summer this can be every week if you have the time.

To get the best out of your camping experience you need to be able to relax in comfort. This is where an awning can be helpful. Motorhome awnings give you protection from the weather, be it sun, wind or rain. They offer an extension to your home where you can sit down and unwind in peace.  There are quite a few different kinds of awning on the market and they all offer different levels of comfort and practicality. Some can create a huge living space that can sleep up to 8 people with ease. Others are simple creations that give shade from the sun and can be rolled out in minutes. The type you choose all depends on your needs and also the number of people that are going to use them.

Setting up time is an important point to factor in to the equation. If time is tight then you want something that can be erected in a short space of time. An example is a weekend break or a short stay holiday. You don’t really have the time to be messing about, so a smaller kind of awning is best in this situation. The retractable awnings are the best fit, and are the simplest to use, they are also the least expensive. Longer holidays may require more elaborate set ups, and the biggest and most popular are the motorhome annexes. These create all the extra space you will ever need, and there are many little additions you can use to customise your set up.

Some of the more modern motorhomes have automatic awnings that can fold out with the press of a button. This makes the process much easier and is becoming more and more popular with people who may struggle with the physical aspect. Having said that, the manual awnings are designed to be quick and easy to erect with a little bit of practise.

The prices are fairly reasonable if you take the time to shop around and look for the best bargains. For the price they are a wise investment. If you go to any camp site you are sure to see a whole host of awnings decorating all types of campers and vehicles. Everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible, and awnings give you this. You can use them for whatever you want. Some campers use them for storing dirty clothes and boots, whilst others have theirs laid out for sleeping and cooking. Tables and chairs can be added, along with windows and doors for better access. This helps to circulate the air on hot days, or closing them can help to keep the heat in on colder days.

The top end awnings are made from special materials that will not catch fire, and are fully waterproof. Being breathable and lightweight is another prerequiste for today’s awnings. They need to be compact so you can store them easily without taking uo too much room. The automatic kinds usually fit on the top of the motorhome roof, and then fit to the gutter rail when brought down.

The size is very important. You need to make sure you have the right size awning for your vehicle. Most retailers will measure for you, and the standard unit of measurement is in centimetres. Get this wrong and you are in trouble, so take the time to get an accurate measurement. You don’t want to have to take it back and ask for a refund if you can help it.

Motorhome awnings offer a simple solution for your camping needs. You are certain to find the one that will be right for you if you look around. There is nothing better than relaxing under one as the sun comes down and enjoying this time with friends and family.

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